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3 Steps to improve your pelvic health –
  • Step 1, Gentle intra pelvic massage, massage your vagina and perineum.
  • Step 2, Relax and Release your pelvic floor muscles.
  • Step 3, Traditional pelvic floor 'Kegel' strengthening exercises.

The Pelvic Floor Resistance Muscle Trainer and Massage Tool

Depending on your personal preference and symptoms you can use the apparatus to.
  • Increase sensory feedback while performing resistance exercises for more traditional muscle training.
  • Use localised electrical vibration option to improve muscle contractions, increase proprioception stimulation by selecting the bullets required training program.
  • Internal massage to comfortably breakdown layers of tension between muscle, connective tissue and fascial layers of the pelvic floor.
  • Pleasure
Benefits of a conditioned pelvic floor
· Stronger pelvic floor muscles.
· Increased internal sensitivity.
· Reduced tension and pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms.
· Healthier pelvic floor and superior orgasms.

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