The New Shape of Pelvic Floor Fitness
Pelvic Floor exercise solutions are outdated, but thanks to the new pelvic floor resistance trainer and massaging tool there is a new solution!
How are we different from other products?
  • The nodules help stimulate the proprioceptors within the pelvic fascial system.
  • It is easier to self-massage internal structures.
  • It has a unique resistance training programme for you to follow.
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Unique Design
Women can now take control of various Women's Health issues by improving the condition of their pelvic floor.
It is a simple device that you can use every day to reduce the symptoms of, 
• Pelvic and back pain since childbirth
• Urinary incontinence
• Onset of pelvic organ prolapse
• Sensory abnormalities
• Sexual dysfunction
• Chronic pelvic pain and dysfunction
Quality pelvic floor contractions are paramount for pelvic floor stability and function, but we need to work hard to maintain and condition it.
PROBLEM - 70% of women don't do pelvic floor exercises properly!
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Resistance exerciser and massaging apparatus
The Pelvic Floor Rejuvenator
Depending on your personal preference and symptoms you can use the apparatus to.
• Increase sensory feedback while performing resistance exercises for more traditional muscle training.
• Use localised electrical vibration option to improve muscle contractions.
• Internal massage to comfortably breakdown layers of tension between muscle, connective tissue and fascial layers of the pelvic floor.
• Pleasure
Expertly designed by a British State registered and Chartered Physiotherapist,
“I wanted to make a product that made your pelvic floor feel incredible".
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Condition your Pelvic Floor
 Benefits of a conditioned pelvic floor
• Stronger pelvic floor muscles.
• Increased internal sensitivity. 
• Reduced tension and pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms.
• Healthier pelvic floor and superior orgasms.
The simple science behind how it works
The unique shape of this pelvic floor apparatus and its nodules increases sensory input to keep the brain informed, and provide pressure to increase feedback to improve voluntary muscle control. 
They provide an increased textured surface area to improve sensory date for the brain to decode and re-program and engage the pelvic floor.   
The nodules on the mitts stimulate the fascial and musculoskeletal systems of the pelvic floor, which in turn will naturally reduce tension, repair, and hydrate and oxygenate the pelvic tissue.
In short it,
• Increases tissue oxygenation to internal structures which leads to decreased pain and increased pelvic stability.
• Performs simple massage techniques to reduce symptoms of myofascial tension, scar tissue and adhesion's.
Pelvic floor conditioning is not only effective but necessary to maintain core stability and visceral function.
A good pelvic floor routine may prevent pelvic floor dysfunction and life changing women's health issues.
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Ball shaped handle for comfort
Design features
• Unique shape, taking into consideration the vaginal variation of the female body.
• The ball shaped handle provides a relaxed hand position for ease of movement and grip for the wrist and hand.
• The nodules increase sensory and proprioception feedback to enhance muscle contractions, (Proprioception - the ability to sense stimuli arising within the body).
• Made form medical-food grade silicone, the quality and consistency has encompassed features for optimum pelvic floor conditioning.
• It may be used with or without the bullet vibration resistance training programmes.
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Made from Medical/Food grade silicone
Bullet settings
We recommend to try at least 100 contractions 3 times a week and 50 every other day of a combinations of quick and slow contractions.
  • Select the resistance training programme you wish to squeeze along too!
  • Once the motor has been activated the you must then press the button again to select the range of fast and slow vibrations for the training programme you wish to perform.
  • The sequence has five quick vibrations, and five slow contractions with a range five 3 to 8 seconds, start low and build your pelvic floor strength up gradually up until you reach your goal.
The Bullet is programmed for Quick and Slow Contraction of the pelvic floor muscles. You need to be able to
perform both types of contraction for stability and control of your pelvic floor. 
You need a combination of 50 pelvic floor contractions daily to maintain your pelvic floor and
100 contractions daily to condition and strengthen it!
“I hadn't realised how tight my pelvic floor was until I started massaging it!” aged 51.
"Now I don't think twice about getting on the trampoline and playing sport with my children", aged 36.
Pelvic floor muscle training and conditioning is very effective if performed right and maintained over time!

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