Scar Tissue

Used daily gentle massage with the massage mitts over and around healed scar tissue will help soften and reduce the appearance of the scar.

The nodules on the massage mitts produce a mechanical stretch on the skin, superficial fascia to initiating local tissue structural changes, biochemical and neurophysiological responses plus stimulate the sub dermal tissue affecting the deeper fascia and endocrine system.

This will increase localised metabolic and cellular activity in the extra cellular matrix that has been disrupted by the tight fascia in the scar tissue. Massage provides brief mechanical stretch to soft tissue increasing more energetic function and chemical exchange through the fascia to increased functional movement patterns and tissue oxygenation..

Therapeutically loading the tissue will influence hyaluronic acid production and modify the intercellular matrix tissue – ground substance, therefore alter soft tissue viscosity, stiffness and enhance cellular and tissue movement.

Mechanical tissue responses include elevated fibroblast and collagen densities, effector cell, telocytes and cell to cell communication.

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