“The after effects of the massage continue for a lot longer after the treatment has finished than just normal massage.”  
“Eight months after sustaining 17% burns over my upper back, neck and shoulders from an electric shock, just a few minutes of massage with the massage mitt my back felt ‘normal’ again.”  
“I use the massage mitt daily in the shower with my shower gel. To start with the fibro pain was quite acute but after a few days the pain slowly disappeared and I felt ‘fresher’, less pain and more able to cope with my everyday aches and pains.”  
“I use the massage mitt to put my creams on daily, my skin is softer and smoother, and I seem to have more energy. I notice the difference when I don’t use it.”  
“I used to have chronic TMJ (Tempo Mandibular Joint) pain, now every few days I massage my, face, neck and shoulders with the Mitts and now all the pain has gone away.”  
“Eight months after fracturing my wrist in a car accident, and having two operations to pate and pin my wrist together it still had limited movement. With one treatment I had minimal pain and a massive increase to the wrist movement that lasted two days. It’s a shame that the insurance wouldn’t fund any more treatments, ‘a jaw dropping experience”.  
“I massage my lower legs daily and the circulation, texture and colouring of my lower legs has defiantly improved since using the massage mitt.”
“Eight months after my hernia operation my scar was causing me considerable pain; I haven’t had a problem since my one treatment.”  
“The chronic trapped nerve in my neck was considerably better after one treatment, the altered sensation in my fingers returned to normal. I was symptoms free for six weeks. I have never experienced anything like this treatment. I’ve had this condition a long time.”  
“I have a history of chronic Achilles tendinopathy, for many years I have tried various physiotherapist and treatment but after spending a fortune I resided myself to the fact that it wasn’t going to get better. I used the massage mitt for a few weeks for just a few minutes at a time in the shower with amazing results. I now treat the occasional symptoms with the massage mitt and the debilitating pain and swelling is now a thing of the past”  
“They are very good for achy legs and especially god for cellulite areas.”
“Started using the massage mitts following a knee injury, I was really struggling to get the swelling and stiffness in the knee under control but since I have been using the mitts I have seen a big improvement. I use the mitts most days now and use them for the odd aches and pains as well as on the injured knee. I would definitely recommend.”  
“Wonderful massage mitts, ‘I wouldn’t be without them’. You can actually get such a lot of relief from aches and pains by simply massaging the problem area yourself with the cleverly contoured mittens designed with nodules all over so that you can even use the back of your hand or the thumb to reach the spot. I use them regularly in the shower and also give myself a head massage and even my hair has improved. To be able to massage yourself and family whenever you choose at home in complete privacy is such a bonus. I feel I must get in touch to tell you how happy I am with my Massage Mitts!”  
“I was a little worried to start using them as I had torn tendons in my shoulder which was very painful. I used the mitts in the shower and found it was very relieving! After my operation I began to use the mitts daily and the doctors were very surprised with the speed of my recovery and the fast disappearance of the scar! Thank you for advising me to use the ‘magic mitts!’”
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